Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between polished and unpolished edges ? 

A polished edge gives the edge of the material a clarity almost as clear as the face. An unpolished edge will give a matt finish and will show some saw marks, see the gallery for an image of polished and unpolished edges

ACM Mirror can not be polished.

What is the standard diameter of a hole? 

You can specify your own hole dimensions and positions, however if nothing is specified we will put a 5mm dia hole 12.5mm in from each corner. If you have ordered standoffs then we will make the hole to suit the standoff.

What is the standard radius of a curved corner ?

Again you can specify your own radius, however if nothing is specified we would put a 5mm radius on.

I am trying to order a circle but four curved corners keep appearing when trying to calculate price ?

This is how our system works out a circle as it is basically a square with 4 radiused corners!

My order is for different lengths / widths on each side of sheet , can you still cut to size ?

Yes, no problem put the sizes in as if it were a square / rectangular panel and upload a sketch using the upload a file button, or tell us the dimensions in the notes section

I need a shape cutting but it is not a circle, square or rectangle. How can I get a price?

You can either fax, post or email us a drawing or use the file upload button. Alternatively give us a call and we will talk you through it.

There is no colour chart on website, how can I see actual colour ? 

The colours in the product calculator are not for specific colours, however if you look in the gallery there is some examples, if you need a specific shade of a colour just ask and we can send you a colour chart and even a small sample.

What’s the difference between polycarbonate and acrylic ?

Acrylic is the product to use for general everyday things such as table protectors, glazing panels, picture frmes etc Polycarbonate can be used for more vunrable areas, it scratches easier than acrylic but has a much higher impact strength, you can hit with a hammer and it won't break !

What brands of acrylic do you supply ?

We use a variety of brands of acrylic, mainly (but not exclusively) Perspex, Plexiglas and Polycasa. They are all of a high quality and have the same physical properties.

Not sure what thickness of material is required ? 

As a guide, if you want the panel to be ridgid then the bigger the panel the thicker it needs to be, we would reccomend anything above a metre square to be in 3mm

What adhesive should I use?

It depends what your sticking it to, if you are using the pieces as kitchen splashbacks and they are coloured then we reccomend clear silicon, the one we sell on the site is tried and tested. If you have ordered pieces of acrylic to stick together to make up a box for example then you would need to use the acrylic cement, this isn't a job for the inexperienced though!

Is Acrylic mirror a good alternative to glass?

Yes in most applications it is, however we advise against using it in large format for applications where a perfect reflection is required, (such as dance studio's,gyms etc). The 5mm thick option gives less deflection than the 3mm but if it is being hung on a wall then both the fixing points and the uniformity of the wall will have an effect on the reflected image.